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Recruitment Specialist with 15 years of industry exposure.

Specialities:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  –  Have travelled across all location for performance reviews, appraisals, client meeting and Business development.

–  Extensive organizational restructuring process of various functions as per the business requirement.

–  Responsible for preparing the annual business HR plan for business in consultation with internal HR team.

–  Responsible for preparing the annual business budgets plan for business.

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  • HR Technology Leading trends in India

    People and Management Magazine

    By Kailash Sahani

    Human resources is concerned with optimising the relationship between employers and employees while simultaneously ensuring that both groups positively contribute to the functioning of the businesses or organisations. Nowadays, technology is transforming a complex web of HR functions, and not just recruiting, scheduling, employee training, etc.

    Technology has transformed the way HR work. It has remodelled HR working in two ways: First, it has offered numerous tools to better manage and engage the talent in organisations; Second, it helps HR managers to shift their focus from managing the workforce to driving profits to the company.

  • Interview with People and Management Magazine

    People and Management

How Can Consulting Business Create Wealth

Franchise India Magazine

Indian consulting industry is growing at a fast pace with more number of brands taking the franchise route. The global consulting market is currently dominated by mature consulting markets like North America, Western Europe, Japan etc. Indian consulting firms are thriving with the growing competition and market demands. We take a look at how the Indian consulting industry is providing lucrative avenues to the investors…